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2000 or Later Smog

  • Inspection of your vehicles smog equipment
  • BAR DAD ODB II Smog Test
  • BAR Smog Check Certificate
  • Smog Test Result Transmission to BAR
  • *plus 8.25 for smog certificate if vehicle passes

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Flower Smog Test Check

Does your DMV Registration Notice say "STAR SMOG CHECK REQUIRED"?

STAR smog check required

If your car is more than just a few years old, you will likely have to get a smog check when your vehicle registration comes due. At Flower Smog Test Check we will do everything we can to make sure getting a smog check is convenient, fast and at a fair price.

Flower Smog Test is a BAR Certified Star Smog Check Test Only Station. This means if your vehicle requires that it be smogged at a STAR station we can do your smog check for you. Not all smog check stations are STAR certified, we are. If the location is not STAR certified and your notice says a STAR certification is required, only STAR certified shops like Flower Smog Test can test your vehicle.

Flower Smog Test is located on Venice Blvd. at the 110 and 10 freeway interchange, just north of the LA Convention Center.

Enjoy a clean and comfortable waiting area while we work on your vehicle.

Flower Smog Test Smog Coupon $49.99 Smog Check 2000 and newer vehicles. $8.25 certificate fee extra if vehicle passes. We are STAR certified and smog all vehicles Vans, Full Size SUVs and other vehicles may not qualify 2811 S Flower St. Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone: 213-741-0365 click to print

Components of a Smog Check

What kind of smog test is run on your vehicle depends on where you live and what type of vehicle you drive. You can find out very detailed test requirements in this document from the BAR http://smogcheck.ca.gov/pdf/Smog_Check_Manual_ENG_2013.pdf

Visual Inspection

A visual and functional inspection identifies that the required emissions control components and systems are identified and appear properly connected.

Smog Test

Depending on the specific characteristics of your vehicle, a number of tests such as EGR, EVAP, gas cap and an on-board computer test are performed.

Smoke Test

Using a tailpipe emission sample the technician will analyze the exhaust gases emitted from the tailpipe. In 2013 this part of the test may not apply to your vehicle.


Once the test is complete the technician will discuss the results, issue the certificate and transmit the results to the DMV.